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Using Bitbucket Pipelines To Deploy to AWS EC2

This is not an in-depth article — have too much going on these days for that.  It is a more a short-hand techie crib sheet of how I got a deployment repo to auto-pull the latest changes to its develop branch over to my staging server automatically.    This is pulling down a fully software environment to a directory on the server.

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Bitbucket Permission Denied / Conq

Hopefully this article will save at least one other person an hour of their life trying to figure out why they cannot clone a Bitbucket repository when using SSH. My projects are broken into several teams, each with their own developer and administrator users.  Each team has a number of repositories that are being managed.  There is one common denominator; I have admin access to all repositories.   That means my Bitbucket user should have full read/write/admin privileges on all repos.    … Continue reading “Bitbucket Permission Denied / Conq”