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Alibaba An AWS Threat? Not Quite

A recent Seeking Alpha article proposes the theory that Alibaba could threaten Amazon’s AWS cloud services. Amazon has been my best investment by far. The article has some great information about the cloud services industry. It includes a lot of facts and figures that ring true. I disagree with this article’s overall assessment, however. Alibaba will erode AWS market share in Asia but few other regions. They are a Chinese company. I would never use them myself nor recommend the … Continue reading “Alibaba An AWS Threat? Not Quite”

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Intro To Amazon Compute Instances (EC2)

Here are some “crib notes” on setting on an Amazon compute instance based on my most recent research (Aug 2016).  You may find some of these notes useful or interesting or just plain boring geek-stuff.   I’m sure I will find them in 6 months from now when I Google “what is AWS HVM” or something equally obscure. M3 versus M4 Amazon classifies their EC2 instances by general “compute types” or “profiles” for how the virtual machine is configured.     They have … Continue reading “Intro To Amazon Compute Instances (EC2)”