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WP_User_Query Inverse (NOT) Search

It took a LOT longer than it should have to build an efficient query for WordPress users today. The query — an WP_User_Query INVERSE search. The list I was trying to generate was based on two things: – All users with a meta_key field ‘account_status’ containing the status ‘active’– EXCLUDE all users with a nicename ending with “at_slp_dot_guru” Turns out this is a LOT more difficult than it should be due to shortcomings in the WP_User_Query class. The solution that … Continue reading “WP_User_Query Inverse (NOT) Search”

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The Code Block : WordPress Plugin Development Block 0

The very first class at The Code Block at The BlockYard is going to begin the journey with WordPress plugin development. This is a starting point only. Something to get the ball rolling. Anticipate multiple forks as we start down the “Code Block chain”. We most certainly will end up in places we don’t expect as we follow this coding journey were it takes us over the next 6 months.

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PHP __set() Magic Method Conundrum

I am completely baffled by this one and hope one of my techie friends can help. I’m using a PHP class with magic methods to set and get the properties of that class.    The idea is to use private properties in the class so that the PHP magic methods can take over and determine whether to update a WordPress user meta entry, blog entry, or standard option based on which proper of the class is being retrieved or stored.

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Top Programming Languages

A good global list, but you still need to know your goal so you can choose the best tool for the job. If you are only looking for a job then you must consider where you want to work; both geographically and type of company. The list changed drastically based on different vectors.

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Uncovering A WordPress Walker Class Inconsistency

Took an hour tonight to figure out why the new Store Locator Plus Premier Button Bar is not working properly.   The odd thing is this WAS working properly two weeks ago but both our own code for the base plugin and Premier add on changed as well as a new WordPress release.    Maybe something changed in WP Core to trigger the problem in our add on or maybe something we fixed elsewhere in the code exposed this weak … Continue reading “Uncovering A WordPress Walker Class Inconsistency”

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wp_enqueue_scripts Deep Dive

While trying to figure out why the footer-loaded scripts in Store Locator Plus are not being output on some admin page, I went deep down the rabbit hole of the WordPress wp_enqueue_scripts function.   Here are my notes from an analysis of WordPress (5.0-alpha-42191) . wp_enqueue_scripts /Users/lancecleveland/vagrant-local/www/wpslp/public_html/wp-includes/functions.wp-scripts.php This is a PHP inline function. /** * Enqueue a script. * * Registers the script if $src provided (does NOT overwrite), and enqueues it. * * @see WP_Dependencies::add() * @see WP_Dependencies::add_data() * @see … Continue reading “wp_enqueue_scripts Deep Dive”

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PHP Autoload and Singleton(ish) Model

Once every couple of years I take a month off from hacking away at the Store Locator Plus products and delve into some personal projects.  It is a way to learn some new things and try out new techniques without breaking the locator product.   With the locator being my primary source of income these days it is important to keep that intact while “trying new things”. Some of the things I’ve been working on this week include Backbone, Bootstrap, … Continue reading “PHP Autoload and Singleton(ish) Model”