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Top Programming Languages

A good global list, but you still need to know your goal so you can choose the best tool for the job. If you are only looking for a job then you must consider where you want to work; both geographically and type of company. The list changed drastically based on different vectors.

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How To Hire A Programmer

Businesses have been hiring programmers for decades now.    Back in the 70s it was something only Fortune 100 companies did.  Today everyone from your local cafe to full-fledged software companies do it.   Unfortunately few now how to hire a programmer. Nearly every-single business outside of the tech sector gets screwed when paying an outside agency to write their apps. If you’ve hired a programmer recently it is very likely you are on that list.   If you don’t think you’ve … Continue reading “How To Hire A Programmer”

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WordPress Plugin Loader Tricks

An unusually short article, for me, on basic WordPress plugin loader tricks. Basic setup Name the “loader” php file the same as the plugin directory. Text Domain must match the directory name. Avoid leading * on header lines = less bytes to process by the header processor in WordPress. Ensure it runs from within WordPress Use function_exists( ‘add_action’ ) instead of defined( ‘ABSPATH’).  It is more likely to be specific to WordPress.   It is also a better test as … Continue reading “WordPress Plugin Loader Tricks”

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Automated Web App Testing With phpStorm

Selenium IDE was a great way to handle automated web app testing like the Store Locator Plus plugins for WordPress.    Selenium IDE is a simple script recorder and playback too that runs on Firefox.    Or, I should say, it used to run on Firefox.  That broke in 2017 when Firefox 52 came out. After a lot of research I finally found a viable alternative to Selenium IDE that will work with modern browsers.  It is also free, locally … Continue reading “Automated Web App Testing With phpStorm”

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WordPress wp_update_plugins Deep Dive

When using a private update service for premium WordPress plugins, some version tests get left behind leaving users with a half-updated plugin stack.   When operating a freemium model, like Store Locator Plus, where the free base plugin may be updated and impact how the premium add ons work having all update notifications arrive at once is critical.     There are times when version 3 of the main plugin will ONLY work with version 2 of a premium add … Continue reading “WordPress wp_update_plugins Deep Dive”

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Uncovering A WordPress Walker Class Inconsistency

Took an hour tonight to figure out why the new Store Locator Plus Premier Button Bar is not working properly.   The odd thing is this WAS working properly two weeks ago but both our own code for the base plugin and Premier add on changed as well as a new WordPress release.    Maybe something changed in WP Core to trigger the problem in our add on or maybe something we fixed elsewhere in the code exposed this weak … Continue reading “Uncovering A WordPress Walker Class Inconsistency”

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wp_enqueue_scripts Deep Dive

While trying to figure out why the footer-loaded scripts in Store Locator Plus are not being output on some admin page, I went deep down the rabbit hole of the WordPress wp_enqueue_scripts function.   Here are my notes from an analysis of WordPress (5.0-alpha-42191) . wp_enqueue_scripts /Users/lancecleveland/vagrant-local/www/wpslp/public_html/wp-includes/functions.wp-scripts.php This is a PHP inline function. /** * Enqueue a script. * * Registers the script if $src provided (does NOT overwrite), and enqueues it. * * @see WP_Dependencies::add() * @see WP_Dependencies::add_data() * @see … Continue reading “wp_enqueue_scripts Deep Dive”

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Using Custom Vagrant Sites For WordPress Development

As with many things in life, I recently learned that I’ve been doing things the hard way when it comes to WordPress development and Vagrant. I got on the Varying-Vagrant-Vagrants bandwagon years ago.   It made it easy to write my Store Locator Plus code and test it on several different WordPress installations.    Along the way I learned how to provision my test boxes and share code between them.   When VVV 2 came out earlier this year I … Continue reading “Using Custom Vagrant Sites For WordPress Development”

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WordPress Hooks and Filters Order Of Precedence

When building plugins and themes I often need to reference the WordPress order of precedence of hooks.   This helps ensure various components are loaded only when needed and at the right time.   The base list I reference is the old Codex Plugin API/Action Reference page.   Its sister resource, the Codex Plugin API/Filter Reference is also useful. The only problem I have with those resources is when I need to determine what will fire on the front-end, backend … Continue reading “WordPress Hooks and Filters Order Of Precedence”

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Adding Screen Options To WordPress Admin Pages

Many of the built-in WordPress admin pages have a Screen Options drop-down tab on the top right of the page.   This is used to set how many items are shown in the default WordPress tables, such as the list of pages or posts.   Some of the WordPress admin interfaces also allow you to set which columns to show or hide on the page. As a plugin or theme author it provides a consistent interface for your users if … Continue reading “Adding Screen Options To WordPress Admin Pages”