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Automated Web App Testing With phpStorm

Selenium IDE was a great way to handle automated web app testing like the Store Locator Plus plugins for WordPress.    Selenium IDE is a simple script recorder and playback too that runs on Firefox.    Or, I should say, it used to run on Firefox.  That broke in 2017 when Firefox 52 came out. After a lot of research I finally found a viable alternative to Selenium IDE that will work with modern browsers.  It is also free, locally … Continue reading “Automated Web App Testing With phpStorm”

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Profile WordPress Cron Jobs With VVV

I recently found that I needed to Profile WordPress Cron to figure out the best way to improve the processing time on background file imports. In an effort to better handle on large location imports in Store Locator Plus, I re-architected the Power add on to split the process into 3 steps.   The first step uploads the file to the server; something that is typically fairly fast and only ties up a user’s web browser for a few minutes … Continue reading “Profile WordPress Cron Jobs With VVV”

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OS/X Sierra – External Display Issues

If you’ve not yet updated to OS/X Sierra you may want to wait for the 0.1 release. Many users experience no issues when upgrading but more than a few are finding they need to do some fairly drastic things to get their system working as normal. There are numerous reports of people doing a simple SMC Reset (hold down Ctrl + Shift + Option and press power) to get things back to normal. Others are having to perform full “clean … Continue reading “OS/X Sierra – External Display Issues”