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React Build Settings on Amplify

The technology stack that was inherited from the prior tech team at Research Blocks came with some outdated methodologies. One of those areas was in the deployment of React applicationa on EC2 instances. For Single Page Applications (SPAs), like React, there are better options for rapidly deploying a scalable production app. The Amplify environment also makes it very easy to stand up multiple instances of the application container. These canrepresent different builds such as a development, staging, or test environments. … Continue reading “React Build Settings on Amplify”

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WP_User_Query Inverse (NOT) Search

It took a LOT longer than it should have to build an efficient query for WordPress users today. The query — an WP_User_Query INVERSE search. The list I was trying to generate was based on two things: – All users with a meta_key field ‘account_status’ containing the status ‘active’– EXCLUDE all users with a nicename ending with “at_slp_dot_guru” Turns out this is a LOT more difficult than it should be due to shortcomings in the WP_User_Query class. The solution that … Continue reading “WP_User_Query Inverse (NOT) Search”

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Vue – JavaScript Library Outside Google/Facebook Control

Vue is running on several projects to create a better admin user experience. Vuetify is layered on top and baked into WordPress themes and plugins. You will need to add a little custom CSS to stop WordPress from stomping on the UX. You’ll also add a small localize script to seed Vue with relevant data from WordPress. A little REST applet to serve Vue requests and you get a fast good looking responsive app with far less effort than custom … Continue reading “Vue – JavaScript Library Outside Google/Facebook Control”

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PHP __set() Magic Method Conundrum

I am completely baffled by this one and hope one of my techie friends can help. I’m using a PHP class with magic methods to set and get the properties of that class.    The idea is to use private properties in the class so that the PHP magic methods can take over and determine whether to update a WordPress user meta entry, blog entry, or standard option based on which proper of the class is being retrieved or stored.

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Top Programming Languages

A good global list, but you still need to know your goal so you can choose the best tool for the job. If you are only looking for a job then you must consider where you want to work; both geographically and type of company. The list changed drastically based on different vectors.

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Improving wp_delete_post in WordPress Core

One of the common processes that runs in Store Locator Plus is deleting locations.    For sites with a few dozen locations the process runs smoothly.  For sites with thousands of locations but deleting one or two at a time, not a big deal.   But for sites that are deleting tens-of-thousands of locations at a time the process becomes painfully slow.   A mere 2,500 locations can take up to a full minute to be removed on a fairly … Continue reading “Improving wp_delete_post in WordPress Core”

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Optimizing JavaScript for Chrome

A recent discussion with a tech guru at Automattic posed a great question — how does JavaScript asynchronous processing work on a single-threaded app?  Great question, but before I found out how that worked I decided to refresh my knowledge on how JavaScript manages the call stack.   Turns out a LOT has changed in 10 years and it turns out Google’s V8 engine was launched. What is V8? V8 was very likely a result of Google Maps.    Google … Continue reading “Optimizing JavaScript for Chrome”