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Selenium IDE3 Using If and Variables

Selenium IDE3 is continually evolving and has become my new tool-of-choice for testing web apps from the user experience perspective. Some of the features of the older Selenium IDE, such as rollups, are not supported. This has required some time to learn how to recreate test scripts in the new IDE. Along the way I’ve learned some tricks which are not documented on the main Selenium IDE site. Creating Selenium IDE3 Variables Using variables in Selenium IDE3 is similar to … Continue reading “Selenium IDE3 Using If and Variables”

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Selenium IDE if element exists

Did you know you can tell Selenium IDE to execute certain commands only if a specific element exists on the page? The if element exists trick makes your web app testing scripts far more interesting. Here is a quick example using Selenium IDE 3 — the “new” Selenium IDE. Log out a standard user In this use case a WordPress multisite standard user is logged in. We can only execute our commands if we are a super admin. When trying … Continue reading “Selenium IDE if element exists”

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Cypress.IO Data List Processing — Testing A WordPress Plugin

Testing Store Locator Plus with lots of locations is a chore.  Thankfully Cypress.IO data list processing makes this a lot easier. It turns out that the old-school Selenium IDE scripts that we’ve been using to test Store Locator Plus for years will no longer work.   We already knew Firefox versions beyond 54 broke things — but we kept an old install on hand so while we port 500+ test scripts to a new system.   What finally broke the old-school Firefox … Continue reading “Cypress.IO Data List Processing — Testing A WordPress Plugin”

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Automated Web App Testing With phpStorm

Selenium IDE was a great way to handle automated web app testing like the Store Locator Plus plugins for WordPress.    Selenium IDE is a simple script recorder and playback too that runs on Firefox.    Or, I should say, it used to run on Firefox.  That broke in 2017 when Firefox 52 came out. After a lot of research I finally found a viable alternative to Selenium IDE that will work with modern browsers.  It is also free, locally … Continue reading “Automated Web App Testing With phpStorm”

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Selenium IDE Rollups With Arguments

As I prepare another release of Store Locator Plus with some new features I’ve decided it is time to up my QA-fu with Selenium.   I’ve been using Selenium IDE for a while now and find that , despite being free, it is one of the best user experience testing tools out there.    I’ve paid for a few testing tools over the years and I always come back to Selenium IDE.     The paid tools are do not … Continue reading “Selenium IDE Rollups With Arguments”