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CypressIO Simplifies Web App Testing

After discussing projects over the past week, one of the guys at Automattic brought up CypressIO.   If you’ve been following the recent posts on Lance.Bio you know that the path to running automated web testing has run from Selenium IDE, the QA tool of choice for the past few years for Store Locator Plus, to recent forays into Selenium Webdriver.      Webdriver is powerful but difficult to code and soon led to the discovery of WebdriverIO, then Mocha and … Continue reading “CypressIO Simplifies Web App Testing”

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Automated Web App Testing With phpStorm

Selenium IDE was a great way to handle automated web app testing like the Store Locator Plus plugins for WordPress.    Selenium IDE is a simple script recorder and playback too that runs on Firefox.    Or, I should say, it used to run on Firefox.  That broke in 2017 when Firefox 52 came out. After a lot of research I finally found a viable alternative to Selenium IDE that will work with modern browsers.  It is also free, locally … Continue reading “Automated Web App Testing With phpStorm”