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Vue – JavaScript Library Outside Google/Facebook Control

Vue is running on several projects to create a better admin user experience. Vuetify is layered on top and baked into WordPress themes and plugins. You will need to add a little custom CSS to stop WordPress from stomping on the UX. You’ll also add a small localize script to seed Vue with relevant data from WordPress. A little REST applet to serve Vue requests and you get a fast good looking responsive app with far less effort than custom … Continue reading “Vue – JavaScript Library Outside Google/Facebook Control”

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Vuetify 12-Point Grid Layouts

While updating an inherited web project, I’ve been slowly introducing some well-defined libraries to the mix.  My current favorite being Vuetify  — designed to add some decent style standards to reactive Vue components.    This happens to be what I’ve chosen for the overwhelming task of modernizing the Store Locator Plus plugin UX (you’ll see the first hints on the forthcoming Add Locations interface in the next release) as well as for several other “clean slate” projects. If you are … Continue reading “Vuetify 12-Point Grid Layouts”